Our Team of Rental Agents and Property Managers in Vancouver

Our company has an incredible 50 years of combined experience delivering residential rental and property management services. We stand apart in the industry because of our commitment and focus to exceptional client care. At Unique Accommodations we structure our dedicated and highly skilled team into four departments to ensure that you receive only the highest level of service at every step of the process.

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Nina and Mark

Our Story: Nina and Mark

Nina Ferentinos and Mark Teasdale saw an opportunity to create a dynamic business and in turn, ignited passion in the Vancouver rental market.

Their vision began to form in the summer of 2000 when Nina and Mark welcomed their son into the world and began making some of their career-shifting moves. Nina’s first move was out of the traditional real estate sales role and into a management position for a company which had recently acquired a furnished rental division. After only eight months in this role, many new clients were assuming that Nina was an executive or owner of the business due to her passionate attention to detail and wide network of relationships. Loving her new work, she often described the operational details to Mark – who was building custom software for the types of business challenges Nina was describing. In late 2001, with corporate travel and the severe rental market lows, Nina’s employer wanted to renegotiate her contract - which she viewed as an invitation to entrepreneurship!

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New Owners Team

Owners continue to choose Unique Accommodations as their preferred residential property management company largely due to our highly-skilled new owners’ team. Our very dedicated team ensures new owner success by utilizing the first two keys in our Four Key Service System – LISTEN and ADVISE. We are committed to listening to your needs and requirements for renting your home. We gather, process and communicate information efficiently and effectively so we can advise you on the best options for your property. We provide expert industry knowledge and high-tech systems to position your property at its optimum rental rate.

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Nina Ferentinos
  • Nina Ferentinos

  • Managing Broker, President
  • C: 604 970 1286
  • T: 604 984 7368
  • Email Nina
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Najmeh Sajjadi
  • Najmeh Sajjadi

  • Licensed Senior New Owners Consultant
  • C: 778 688 2314
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10474
  • Email Najmeh
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Jane Chypurna
  • Jane Chypurna

  • New Owners/Marketing Coordinator
  • C: 604-613-0990
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10476
  • Email Jane
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Rental Team

Our experienced rental team are the exact people you want working for you to find your perfect home. They are experts in sourcing unfurnished and furnished homes by utilizing our Four Key Service System. We have an impressive level of industry knowledge which is used to implement all aspects of our process. The rental team begins this process by committing to LISTEN to your unique criteria. They consistently communicate and ADVISE you on market and industry conditions. They align your specific property needs with Unique’s extensive rental inventory. Lastly, they negotiate and MATCH your exact requirements to DELIVER success – your new home!

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Ilan Garmaise
  • Ilan Garmaise

  • Licensed Rental Consultant
  • C: 604 805 3916
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10475
  • Email Ilan
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Golnaz Kasaeian
  • Golnaz Kasaeian

  • Licensed Rental Consultant
  • C: 604-805-1390
  • T: 604 984 7368
  • Email Golnaz
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Property Management Team

Our, on-call, 24/7 property management team is committed to a level of service unparalleled in the industry. Due to their extensive knowledge and professionalism, our team proactively works with our elite clients and utilizes the Four Key Service System to create results.

The team is always available to LISTEN and resolve any concerns a tenant or owner may express. They take the time to perform research so they can ADVISE you of your best options. This research and their expertise ensures they can MATCH the best suppliers, contractors and trades people for any work or repairs needed. We are focused on ensuring they always DELIVER peace of mind when managing a client’s property by using their conscientious care and communication skills. This is particularly noticeable when they are performing their day-to-day property management tasks such as move-ins/move-outs, routine property inspections, deposit reconciliations and handling emergency calls.

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Elvin Li
  • Elvin Li

  • Licensed Senior Property Manager
  • C: 604-551-5031
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10478
  • Email Elvin
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Blake Forsyth
  • Blake Forsyth

  • Licensed Rental Consultant
  • C: 778-990-7800
  • T: 604 984 7368
  • Email Blake
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Tania Buch
  • Tania Buch

  • Property Management Coordinator
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10479
  • Email Tania
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Operations & Systems Team

One of the reasons we are the #1 recommended residential property management company in Vancouver is because of our focus on operations and systems. For over years we have been committed to continually evolving our technology, communication systems, processes and operations to benefit our clients. Our operations and systems team is very distinct in our industry and we believe they are the backbone of our success, enabling us to DELIVER maximum results for our clients.

This instrumental team utilizes the Four Key Service System internally to ensure Unique continues to evolve for our clients’ benefit. The operations and systems team LISTEN to our staff on how to better service our clients, then they ADVISE on the best options to MATCH service and system efficiencies through the use of technology. This technology enables us to DELIVER an outstanding service result for our clients.

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Mark Teasdale
  • Mark Teasdale

  • Chief Operations Officer, IT Manager
  • T: 604 984 7368
  • Email Mark
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Chad Kalyn
  • Chad Kalyn

  • Licensed Operations Manager
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10472
  • Email Chad
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Luisa Coppola
  • Luisa Coppola

  • Senior Accounting Manager
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10473
  • Email Luisa
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Hayden Robertson
  • Hayden Robertson

  • Accounting Administrator
  • T: 604 984 7368
  • Email Hayden
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Matthew Clarkson
  • Matthew Clarkson

  • Contract Administrator
  • T: 604 984 7368 - ext 10477
  • Email Matthew
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I've had very good results working with Unique Accommodations. The team is very professional and in no time found a perfect tenant for my situation. I feel that both my home and I are in good hands with Unique. They took care to find the right tenant, provided all the paperwork and answered all my questions / concerns quickly and clearly. I have, and will continue without hesitation, to recommend this company for anyone's rental needs.

~M. Thomson, Owner, Vancouver BC